I often find myself looking for a nice new wallpaper to adorn my desktop with. I tend to think I am going to spend a minute or two looking for one… and down the rabbit hole I fall. Sometimes, I’ll lose an hour or more scrolling through endless visual candy. I might as well share some of the great finds with you. Enter “Wallpaper Wednesdays”.

I will highlight… perhaps a theme, a color scheme, or an emotion with the wallpapers I choose to share that week. I will be sharing 3 choices and attempt to locate the source and give credit to the author. If you see some of your work here, or work of someone you know, please comment and I will give proper attribution. I expect that many will go unattributed.


This week’s theme: Earth

wallhaven-6881 wallpaper-1541845 wallpaper-2238707

something you know and something you have

I’ve previously mentioned tools such as, Google Authenticator and LastPass, in regards to helping you manage your online security. I highly recommend Authy as an alternative to Google Authenticator

But what if the solution you want to use doesn’t support 2FA(2 Factor Authentication)? That is where Two Factor Auth comes into play. Maintaining an ever growing list of solutions and their current stance on 2FA, they can help you find a solution that does. They even provide a nice little button to help you Tweet to the solution(company) if they currently don’t support it or are working on it.

I recommend giving it a look over before you make a decision.

You can also find a long list of 2FA providers at TwoFactorAuth.org

There are physical options, Yubico(higher priced) and PlugUp Int’l(very cost effective)

Fallout vs Skyrim

Fallout – Check

Skyrim – Check

Dragon Shouts – Double Check!

See more at andrewmfilms

M4SONIC – Weapon (Live Launchpad Mashup)

Another enjoyable video to watch. This is much harder than it looks. Not only is it impressive that he manages to not fat finger like crazy, but the music is good.

More videos over at the YouTube channel: M4SONIC

Radical Openness

I really enjoyed this. I thought that you might too.

2014-12-28 21_22_43-Cheskitech [CHESKITECH] - Organizations - Roberts Space Industries

A few days ago, as a holiday gift, Sanchez surprised me with Star Citizen. I am pretty excited to say the least. The Cheskitech Organization was formed recently and if you are going to play, consider joining us. To learn more about Star Citizen, check out the video below.

See you in the void.

DayZ Season 3 Part 3

Happy Holidays everyone! As some of you may know, DayZ just recently celebrated its first year in Steam’s Early Access program. The Early Access experience has been both challenging and rewarding for everyone on the development team. With that in mind, we have put together a high level document looking at what we have accomplished together in 2014. Pairing that with our goals ahead for 2015, we all have a lot to look forward to.

2014 – A Year in Review

With 0.52 hitting stable branch today, the holidays should see some interesting gameplay. I for one look forward to the expanded options for the roleplaying communities, as well as the outstanding changes to player versus player engagements I plan to have on first person only servers (when rescuing innocents from bandits, of course!). Suppressor support, hotfixes to address the majority of the gunshot audio issues, new animations, the first iteration of the chainsaw, and of course who could forget the seasonal festivities. I hope to see you all around the Christmas tree in Novod. I’ll be looking for the bear that has my name on it.

Red Water is not always a bad thing
– Brian Hicks / Lead Producer

First Quarter

Basic vehicles
Advanced loot distribution
New renderer
New Infected AI
Basic stealth system (infected and animals)
Improved cooking and horticulture
Advanced anti-hack system (Dynamic BattlEye)

Second Quarter

Advanced vehicles (repair and modifications)
Advanced animals (life cycle, group behaviour)
Player statistics (DayZ.com/DayZ API)
New UI
Player stamina
Dynamic events
World containers (Chests, Fridges, etc)
New physics system

Third Quarter

Character life span + soft skills
Animal predators + birds
Aerial transport
Console prototype
Advanced communication

Fourth Quarter

Animal companions
Steam community integration (Steamworks)
Construction (base building)
Beta version

DayZ Dev Blog

I have been having an epic good time playing DayZ with friends ( Season 1Season 2Season 3 ). I look forward to the push towards Beta and the additions that are planned.

CG characters have been getting more and more believable. Subsurface Profile shading for skin was a huge step forward. Now, in the video above, we see that Disney is pushing the envelope for realistic eyes.

If you are squeamish with eyes, this video will probably bother you. If you are not, it is really cool to see the virtual eye react to virtual light by adjusting the size of the pupil.

Every so often I ask, “When will actors as we know them be replaced?”

I don’t think they will be replaced per say, but I do think that they will be transformed by the advancement of the CG medium.

simple.b-dis-png.h47e3210a910010717f0d5ec74009f261A few years and hundreds of thousands of steps later, I’m finally moving away from my Fitbit.

It isn’t that the product is bad, it isn’t. It has a specific function.

What changed? Smart watches and  feature overlap. My watch does what my Fitbit did, but more. So much more.

I use a LG G Watch. Google Fit is getting underway and if I want I can use the Jawbone UP system. I have choices.

Picking a device that does exponentially more just makes sense. Even Pebble(which I also recently left behind… Sort of) supports a digital pedometer. Unfortunately with Pebble, it is moving too slow to integrate with existing fitness tacking platforms. My other issues with Pebble goes much deeper though… I save that for later.

The landscape has changed and devices such as the Fitbit One are obsolete if you get a smart watch. Sure Fitbit has a smart watch of sorts, but good luck competing with Android Wear or Apple Watch.

We Stopped Dreaming

I cannot agree with this anymore. Can you honestly tell me that this doesn’t get you fired up, wanting to put people on controlled explosion machines and shoot them into space?!