DayZ Season 3 Part 3

Happy Holidays everyone! As some of you may know, DayZ just recently celebrated its first year in Steam’s Early Access program. The Early Access experience has been both challenging and rewarding for everyone on the development team. With that in mind, we have put together a high level document looking at what we have accomplished together in 2014. Pairing that with our goals ahead for 2015, we all have a lot to look forward to.

2014 – A Year in Review

With 0.52 hitting stable branch today, the holidays should see some interesting gameplay. I for one look forward to the expanded options for the roleplaying communities, as well as the outstanding changes to player versus player engagements I plan to have on first person only servers (when rescuing innocents from bandits, of course!). Suppressor support, hotfixes to address the majority of the gunshot audio issues, new animations, the first iteration of the chainsaw, and of course who could forget the seasonal festivities. I hope to see you all around the Christmas tree in Novod. I’ll be looking for the bear that has my name on it.

Red Water is not always a bad thing
– Brian Hicks / Lead Producer

First Quarter

Basic vehicles
Advanced loot distribution
New renderer
New Infected AI
Basic stealth system (infected and animals)
Improved cooking and horticulture
Advanced anti-hack system (Dynamic BattlEye)

Second Quarter

Advanced vehicles (repair and modifications)
Advanced animals (life cycle, group behaviour)
Player statistics ( API)
New UI
Player stamina
Dynamic events
World containers (Chests, Fridges, etc)
New physics system

Third Quarter

Character life span + soft skills
Animal predators + birds
Aerial transport
Console prototype
Advanced communication

Fourth Quarter

Animal companions
Steam community integration (Steamworks)
Construction (base building)
Beta version

DayZ Dev Blog

I have been having an epic good time playing DayZ with friends ( Season 1Season 2Season 3 ). I look forward to the push towards Beta and the additions that are planned.

CG characters have been getting more and more believable. Subsurface Profile shading for skin was a huge step forward. Now, in the video above, we see that Disney is pushing the envelope for realistic eyes.

If you are squeamish with eyes, this video will probably bother you. If you are not, it is really cool to see the virtual eye react to virtual light by adjusting the size of the pupil.

Every so often I ask, “When will actors as we know them be replaced?”

I don’t think they will be replaced per say, but I do think that they will be transformed by the advancement of the CG medium.

simple.b-dis-png.h47e3210a910010717f0d5ec74009f261A few years and hundreds of thousands of steps later, I’m finally moving away from my Fitbit.

It isn’t that the product is bad, it isn’t. It has a specific function.

What changed? Smart watches and  feature overlap. My watch does what my Fitbit did, but more. So much more.

I use a LG G Watch. Google Fit is getting underway and if I want I can use the Jawbone UP system. I have choices.

Picking a device that does exponentially more just makes sense. Even Pebble(which I also recently left behind… Sort of) supports a digital pedometer. Unfortunately with Pebble, it is moving too slow to integrate with existing fitness tacking platforms. My other issues with Pebble goes much deeper though… I save that for later.

The landscape has changed and devices such as the Fitbit One are obsolete if you get a smart watch. Sure Fitbit has a smart watch of sorts, but good luck competing with Android Wear or Apple Watch.

We Stopped Dreaming

I cannot agree with this anymore. Can you honestly tell me that this doesn’t get you fired up, wanting to put people on controlled explosion machines and shoot them into space?!

Autonomous Vehicles – Maintenance

googlecarConsidering the fact that cars will soon we are autonomous on a mainstream level and we already have robots capable of specialized tasks. It is not far-fetched to think that you could send your autonomous car to do its routine maintenance on its own.

If the car is truly autonomous and smart… It should be synchronized with your calendar and understand when it will not be needed. It is feasible that it will understand when it is time for an oil change.

This autonomous vehicle would then drive itself to the “maintenance station” where a specialized robot is waiting to remove the oil pan drain plug, remove the filter, drain the oil, and replace oil pan drain plug, then filter, then replace the oil. After this is complete the maintenance robot and your car will  communicate and (more…)

Survive the Nights

Surive the Nights

I’ve done it again. I’ve gone and backed another post-apocalyptic survival game.  Survive the Nights.

Back in May of 2013, I backed 7 Days to Die. I have seen them making great strides. Additionally, I have been playing a ton of DayZ Standalone.

Survive the Nights has had a tremendous success on Kickstarter, reaching 903% funded!

Here is some footage from the Kickstarter page:

It is rumored that Survive the Nights has plans to keep the kill on sight and bandit issues that are currently plaguing the DayZ Standalone community to a minimum with a rumored “sanity” mechanic. I haven’t seen any official postings on this, but it would be helpful.

I should have Alpha access in early 2015 if the timeline is adhered to.


I had recently shared in what has turned out to be a rumor. I posted that Google was to acquire

IGN has just posted that Amazon has confirmed that they are indeed the purchaser of Twitch. The acquisition will commence later in 2014.

Twitch has confirmed that Amazon will acquire the company later in 2014. Amazon will acquire all of Twitch’s outstanding shares “for approximately $970 million in cash” by the end of the year.

“Amazon and Twitch optimize for our customers first and are both believers in the future of gaming,” said Twitch CEO Emmett Shear. “Being part of Amazon will let us do even more for our community. We will be able to create tools and services faster than we could have independently. This change will mean great things for our community, and will let us bring Twitch to even more people around the world.”

Shear added on the Twitch Blog, “We chose Amazon because they believe in our community, they share our values and long-term vision, and they want to help us get there faster. We’re keeping most everything the same: our office, our employees, our brand, and most importantly our independence. But with Amazon’s support we’ll have the resources to bring you an even better Twitch.”

Despite earlier reports that Google had reached a deal to buy Twitch for $1 billion, new reports suggest that Amazon is in late-stage talks with the livestreaming service.

There has been no confirmation from either company as of now, but IGN has reached out to Twitch for comment. A person who was briefed closely on the matter said Amazon will purchase Twitch for more than $1 billion, according to tech blog The Information and the Wall Street Journal.   The same source also said the deal could go through as soon as today.

Initial rumors originally surfaced in Variety in May, and were subsequently supported by reports from WSJ, in which the deals were reportedly far from complete.

IGN will update this story with any comment from the companies involved.

Zombicide Prison Outbreak Season 2


Playing Zombicide Season 2: Prison Outbreak for the first time with friends. I enjoyed it and it ranks up there with Zombies!!!
in post apocalyptic fun.

Zombicide – Guillotine Games

Brutal Doom

Doom.  When it launched in December 1993, it was not the first FPS but it most certainly launched the genre into the limelight.  Doom was possibly the first multiplayer FPS to boot.  I remember playing the shareware version for many hours, as being just a child I couldn’t afford to buy the full version.  Back then publishers didn’t give out 15 minute demos of their game. they gave 1/3 of the full game and encouraged you to share it with your friends.  Doom was pretty controversial in it’s time.  This was due to what was perceived at the time as violence in addition to the satanic symbols and images of gore…

A classic

…but that was 20 years ago and Doom is very dated by today’s standards.  But still,Doom’s gameplay skeleton has a certain “no nonsense” type of action that you can’t get with most of today’s titles in the FPS genre. That’s where Brutal Doom comes in.  This mod takes the original Doom and adds 1000% more awesome to it.  True to it’s name, it takes the level of violence in the game and kicks it up by 50 notches.  Depending on the weapon, you might decapitate, blow of limbs, burn to a cinder, or just out right gib the enemies.  Blood flies everywhere and will stick to the walls, ceiling, and even splatter on your character.  Enemies may have their guts hanging out while they crawl on the floor screaming until they either bleed to death or you put them out of their misery.  You can even shoot up and cut up the corpses themselves.  BrutalDoom is much more than just a gore mod however, as it introduces a whole host of things that weren’t available 20 years ago.  For example, enemies now take more damage to the head.  There are many more death animations. Which animations are used depends on where you hit the enemy and with what type of weapon.

Most weapons also has a secondary function. The pistol was replaced by an assault rifle which has an automatic fire capability while firing from the hip, while the secondary function will bring up the rifle’s sights and allow you to fire semi-automatically.  The minigun shoots much faster than before with the primary fire while the secondary will spin up the gun.  If you fire while it’s “pre-spun” it’ll unleash an even greater hail with a greater spread of bullets.  Even your fists will have their uses.  If you attack a possessed marine or imp with your fists you’ll quietly snap their neck. Get a berserk or demon strength item and things get truly brutal (pun intended).  When killing any enemy with your fists while in “berserk mode”, you go into an execution move which will range from literally ripping creatures in half to tearing out vital organs.  During this animation you’re invulnerable and as soon as it’s done you’ll even gain, some health.  The amount you gain will depend on what you kill. Killing an Imp will net you about 5 HP while killing a Baron of Hell will likely get you back at 100% health.  In addition to that, your increased strength will also allow you to pick up explosive barrels and throw them at enemies. You can catch lost souls (floating flaming skulls) and throw them back at enemies.  Hell you even get Duke Nukem’s famous “all mighty boot” kick (I laughed my ass off when (more…)

Star Wars Episode IV – A New Hope… Tracert


Yes this exists.

Go ahead and run a Tracert to

Starting at hop 19 to provide some level of blinding to where I started the Tracert from.

  19    82 ms    88 ms    88 ms  episode.iv []

 20    83 ms    83 ms    86 ms []

 21    84 ms    83 ms    83 ms []

 22    83 ms    83 ms    96 ms  rebel.spaceships []

 23    85 ms    84 ms    83 ms  striking.from.a.hidden.base []

 24    85 ms    83 ms    84 ms  have.won.their.first.victory []

 25    87 ms    82 ms    87 ms  against.the.evil.galactic.empire []

 26   153 ms   127 ms    83 ms  during.the.battle []

 27    83 ms    84 ms    83 ms  rebel.spies.managed []

 28    85 ms    84 ms   108 ms  to.steal.secret.plans []

 29    84 ms    92 ms    84 ms  to.the.empires.ultimate.weapon []

  30    83 ms    83 ms    86 ms []

Additionally, for more Star Wars fun, this exists as well:

ASCII Star Wars – Episode IV – A New Hope