Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Gaming as a reward

All right people, lets face it... gaming is friggin awesome! Problem is, it can be far to easy to do too much of it. It can get in the way of other things, such as chores and exercise. I need to get stuff done and lose the extra 15 pounds that has been hanging out around my belly.

The plan:

30 minutes a day allowance for gaming - If not used they roll over, building to a max of 2 hours.

Exercising and doing projects around the house will accrue extra time that will bank. These activities will accrue at a rate of 2:1. So for every hour I spend with the aforementioned activities, I gain 30 minutes in the Game Bank.

This will serve an additional benefit apart from getting things done and losing weight. I will not burn through games as fast as I once did. They aren't cheap and there are more demanding things for my money right now.

I would assume this could also rationalize when I have finished a game, that I will be able to obtain another and still not spend as much as previously.

We shall see how well this works. I am surprisingly motivated :P


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