Tuesday, April 22, 2008

My Steam Powered Life

After approaching with caution a fews years ago... I have come to a conclusion about Steam, Valve's digital content delivery system.

Here are a few things to consider about Steam:

  • No copy protection jokes, think back to StarForce and you'll understand the appeal
  • No disc to worry about losing
  • Reinstalling your games, minus savegames, after an OS reload... is cake(not a lie)
  • Great discounts on popular games
  • Large publishers as well as Indie games are available
  • Free games at times!
  • Games auto patch if you so desire
  • Nicely laid out friend list that is accessible INGAME, and isn't annoying!
  • Achievements to unlock, many fun to obtain(not with every game)
I am currently enjoying Assassin's Creed and Half Life 2: Episode 2(both Steam delivered) , and wishing that I would have gotten Call of Duty through Steam...

One negative is that you can't sell your used games anymore... however, with serials and registering methods being used now, it was becoming a fading option anyway.

Go get it and hit me up, as my SteamID is obvious....

Steam Powered


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