Monday, June 16, 2008


I just recently finished up this critically acclaimed game. I found it very enjoyable and it was capable of keeping my attention for long periods of time. The atmosphere of this game is it's strongest asset followed closely by it's story. Some will say both of the aforementioned are scary... I didn't jump once nor was I ever freaked out. F.E.A.R., now that is a spooky game.

Now for some pleasant and not so pleasant thoughts on the game:

Music and sound: Great, really set the feel, and the voice acting definitely sets the bar.

Lighting and special effects: Great as well, adds to the mood. The water effects are especially nice.

Character models and object detail: The character models are nicely thought out but poorly executed. They look outdated and a bit low-res. The object details are more on the modern level and they get the job done, as well as their design fits in well with their surroundings.

Characters: Big Daddies are huge and a force to be reckoned with(read- seriously bad ass). Little Sisters should be saved not harvested(only my opinion, as I harvested every single one). The rest of the Splicers(enemies) start to get repetitive, but just barely, as they start getting tough and pulling new tricks.
Also the enemies change their appearance based on the level, but their types stay constant. Essentially, you are fighting the same Splicers that looks different from the ones you killed last "Level".

Special: The weapons do their job and are fun to play with. Ammo is not as abundant as you may think it will be based on the early stages. Plasmids are cool, much like force powers, however there are so many useless ones. You'll figure them out really quickly.

Quirks: I encountered crashes at close, which didn't have any side effects, and crashes when something else happened on my PC as perhaps a download finished. Close all apps before playing.

Overall: This is as the rest of the reviews suggest, worth playing. It is enjoyable experience and it has a cool story. Pay attention to the game rating, this is not for children to play.

4.5/5 w00ts!


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