Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Island - Brief thoughts

I have just finished watching 'The Island'. I would have to say that this is a concept I wrote a paper about in high school.

I had the assignment of picking a controversial topic as a group of two. One student had to defend one side of the topic, the other student, the other side.

My topic and side was the defense of human cloning. Much in the manner of how it was supposed to be handled in 'The Island". Maintaining vegetative human clones as organ donors for their respective "originals".

In the movie, the donors are referred to as "insurance policies".

On this thought... Would this be acceptable? Obviously not as in the movie, but let's venture on the morbid side... Imagine that you could have a headless body(fully functional) ready to replace ANY part of your body should the need arise.

Is this an acceptable thought? Without the head, thus lacking a brain and face, is the body still viewed as a person if it would not function without life support?

If you view it as wrong, you may not if you lose a limb or discover that you have pancreatic cancer.

If you had the money, would you purchase an "insurance policy"? Sans the head of course....