Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Crysis - My Verdict

After the amazingly boring Far Cry 2 let me down the way it did, I needed a game to pick me up. Crysis was the game I picked to fill that role.

First off, stunningly beautiful. Second, fun! I enjoyed it quite a bit. The game play was fun, and challenging. It has been awhile since I played a FPR that had boss battles. There aren't many of them, but they are in there.
My PC handled the game with no stuttering using DX10 and everything on high. As I said before... this game is beautiful. I was constantly finding myself getting shot at(and hit) because I was busy looking at the sunset or the detail on a computer monitor.
Every thing was peaches and creme until the last 5 minutes of gameplay... I ran into a crazy bug... the collision detection fell apart and I kept falling through the game world floor. It took the effort of completely closing the game and relaunching. I was bummed because this had, up to this point, been the first bug free game experience in a long time. It was easily correct, but it was very frustrating while I messed with it.

Overall: Crysis gets a 4.5/5 I would definitely recommend a play through. Note: I bought it on Steam and it still had SecuRom. (Steam knock this off or you will be dethroned).