Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Medal of Honor: Airborne

I finally got around to playing this WWII shooter that I had waited until it hit the $10 bin. Rightfully so. I spent almost as much time installing it as I did playing it. No really it is ridiculously short at about 5 hours. Had I spent the original release price of $50, I'd be angry. $10 it is worth however.

The install issue tied to EA's mind numbingly stupid idea to bundle the Ageia PhysX drivers with the install of the game. The driver install detects that you have a newer version installed and aborts. By aborts... I mean the ENTIRE bloody install. Not until I removed the PhysX drivers, which meant uninstalling -- no wait I couldn't uninstall the drivers because they are bundled with my nVidia drivers now. Only by the grace of Driver Sweeper, which removes left over bits of your old drivers...? (don't know but it worked), was I able to actually install the game.

Now... as far as the game... It is a short WWII shooter that made me constantly wish I was playing the Call of Duty franchise. Take this concept of an Airborne based "pick where you land" kind of fight and mix it with the feel and mechanics of Call of Duty... BOOM you would have an awesome WWII shooter that I would play over and over.

Blargh... this game gets a 3.5/5


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