Friday, May 8, 2009

This is how it went.

If you can't play Titan Quest in Vista with virtual memory disabled... this may help you.

Josh: I can't play TQ through steam
cheski: what?
Josh: it doesn't work
cheski: why
cheski: what does it say
Josh: it says that virtual memory must be enabled
cheski: no no
Josh: that means I need to run it in XP mode
cheski: no
cheski: NO
Josh: then when I do that, the message is
cheski: NO
cheski: NO
Josh: Cannot Load Titan's Quest
cheski: my docs
cheski: my games
cheski: titan quest
cheski: settings
cheski: options.txt
cheski: skipCompatibilityChecks = false
cheski: skipCompatibilityChecks = true
cheski: save
cheski: launch and win


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