Monday, September 14, 2009

Darkest of Days*

Good story that unfortunately ends with a cliffhanger.

The scenery is great and the weapon animations are a well. The
character models however, feel a bit dated.
I had higher hopes for this game. I consider myself a well
seasoned veteran of the FPS genre. Some if not most, I need to crank
up to the highest difficulty to feel like I am not just walking
through. Darkest Days on the other hand fails to challenge me at some
moments and infuriates me at others.
It is almost 2010. LET ME SAVE WHEN I WANT. This becomes more
apparent as a problem when you are forced to watch the same cutscene
over and over and over.... the reason for this, other than the
inability to save at will, is that you will find yourself getting
pounded repeatedly by enemy AI that are crack shots and seem to know
exactly where you are no matter how well concealed you may be. There
are places where I felt myself abusing the sprint key and barreling
through enemy positions just to hope and hit a save point trigger.
It isn't all bad. The did a good job on sound and overall
immersion. Like I stated before, some of the scenery is great... and
even amazing in others.
Overall I would say this is a good first attempt by 8monkey
Labs, but not worth the $39.99 that it retails for. $29? Maybe. Wait
until it hits $20 and give it a thought after playing the demo. If you
see it on a "it only costs $15" sale weekend on Steam, then grab it.

Graphics - 4(would have been a 3 if it wasn't for the environments)
Sound - 5
Gameplay - 3 - mainly due to the infuriatingly painful parts
Story - 4 - Unique. They could run with this

*note: posted from my iPhone when I should have been sleeping.


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