Friday, November 7, 2014

Leaving my Fitbit behind

A few years and hundreds of thousands of steps later, I'm finally moving away from my Fitbit.

It isn't that the product is bad, it isn't. It has a specific function.

What changed? Smart watches and  feature overlap. My watch does what my Fitbit did, but more. So much more.

I use a LG G Watch. Google Fit is getting underway and if I want I can use the Jawbone UP system. I have choices.

Picking a device that does exponentially more just makes sense. Even Pebble(which I also recently left behind... Sort of) supports a digital pedometer. Unfortunately with Pebble, it is moving too slow to integrate with existing fitness tacking platforms. My other issues with Pebble goes much deeper though... I save that for later.

The landscape has changed and devices such as the Fitbit One are obsolete if you get a smart watch. Sure Fitbit has a smart watch of sorts, but good luck competing with Android Wear or Apple Watch.