Friday, June 5, 2015

Bleeding Players - Declining Engagement - DayZ - Battlefield Hardline -More

Games that fail to get a proper launch, development, or that have poor decisions made by the publisher / developer are seeing massive engagement bleed.

I started looking at stats for games that are showing this trend after watching DayZ start to dive.


Facing a massive decline in player engagement since the .55 patch rolled out, breaking loot spawn and instituting mechanics that result in starving to death within 30 minutes of spawning.

Players are leaving... in droves. People aren't going to continues to support or play a game that they actually can't play. Alpha or not. Alpha is no longer an excuse.

Battlefield Hardline

A great shooter that is hindered because of the platform it is on and poor launches of antecedent titles. People flatout avoid Origin.

Titan Fall

Another example of a fun game... hurt at launch and then suffering rapid player bleed off... also on Origin. Today, they can't even seem to give Titan Fall away. Which is sad. I really like it. I tried to find online server stats to show populations over time, but there aren't any.


A game from the Zombie Panic! mod devs with a lot of potential. Released and then ignored. So much potential wasted. You want in game phone wallpapers?! Certainly enough of those. 98 of them actually.

What are some other games that went through this? Was there a resurgence or did the game die?