Friday, August 27, 2004

The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay-XBOX

This game is a prime example of how to push the envelope with graphics. This game uses the same hardware as every other XBOX game out there... yet, it looks nice. ....

One thing to mention here on a side note... You will see me talk about how great the graphics are... Just move through the menus. COOL! It even sounds cool.

I am not the biggest Vin Diesel fan, but I do like the character that he plays here...
Riddick. Intergalactic bad-ass that fears nothing. It is fun to play a game as that type of

The premise behind the game: You are Riddick and you go from "slam" to "slam". Slam being
prison. You do just as the title states, you try escape from Butcher Bay. That is all that
there really is here. You gather tools, items, Smokes(yes I said smokes), and talk people
into helping you.


Overall: 10 out of 10

NPCs: 10 : Riddick and the rest of the characters in this game are done nicely. Every NPC
minus the guards look different. Which is a relief. There seems to a load of games that make
NPCs look nice but there just isn't the variance. The textures of the faces are well
done...Damage is shown as you beat the crap out of someone. Pummel only the left side of
their face and that is the only part that shows the damage. This blew me away the first time
I saw it.

Environment: 10 : Sometimes a little dark, but that isn't too much on an issues after you
shine job(Mentioned in the movie Pitch Black). Nightvision so to speak. The lighting allows
atmosphere to come out. When you are in the mines... you feel like you are in the mines...
Pay attention to the graffiti and the warning signs around Tower 17.

Effects: 10 : The opposite of the lighting.. the shadows really make this game stand out. A
game that utilizes dynamic lighting has an amazing sense of realism. \"Oh no the guard can
see me... BAM shoot out the light... safe... The blood spatter that occurs when you beat
up a NPC like I mentioned before is great... realistic... This game creates a new level
visually that other games need to fight to compete with.

Cut scenes: 10 : The in game engine is used to render the cutscenes... I am seeing more and
more of this... ever since the engines have become powerful enough to pull it off. This game
is no different. It takes the amazing graphics and shows you a bit of the story. Looks

On to Sound


Overall 8.5

Voice acting: 9 : You feel like y are watching a movie with the visuals stated above and the
voices... Actual voices of the actors in this series... nice touch... I am a little biased
here though. The one liners that Vin Diesel ends up spouting gets old for me... but any
fanboys of the series will enjoy it. IMHO: We already know that Riddick is a severe badass.
Leave the one liners to the badassness... stay away from corny.

Effects: 8 : whether is be the breaking of a neck... or the clang of a mechanized guard
roaming around... the sounds are crisp and believable. good job.


Overall 9

Game play: 9 : The music creates a nice sense of mood. Adds to the movie watching feeling.


Game play: 9 : Combining the outstanding visuals... the nice sounds.. music and overall
interaction with the NPCs... I was intrigued by this game play enough to keep playing... I
didn't find myself getting bored... which when playing a game is the worst thing possible.
definitely a high scoring game.

Controls: 10: I really enjoyed the new take on how you fight. Great utilization of the
analog joysticks... bob and weave people... bob and weave... or if you prefer... float like
a butterfly sting like a bee.

AI: 8: Very aware of your presence... sneaking is possible... and you should have become
good at it by the end of the game, but the guards are quick to spot you. If you don't have a
weapon and you take on a guard with a assault rifle... more than likely you will die. The
Damage that both you and the AI take can be convincing...

Final Impression: Overall score: roughly a 9 (9.08) out of 10

I had a good time playing this game. There was one spot... that I couldn't find the button
to open a door. Kinda in a bad spot... I 'happened' across it eventually. If you want to
spend a few hours walking around like a intergalactic badass... then this is your game. I
recommend getting this one... the time spent playing is well worth it. I can't wait until
every game looks like this one or better.


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