Wednesday, August 18, 2004

LCD Flat Panel vs. Flat Screen CRT

What to buy... what to buy...

You tell me your opinon!

Samsung 712n vs. Samsung 793mb

Thus far.. price is the biggest factor...

$120 for a 17" Samsung Flat Screen


$405 for a 17" Samsung Flat Panel

There are plenty of pros and cons to each.

CRT pros:

Resolutions up to 1600x1200

very little $$$

Response time is no issue at all

CRT cons:

HUGE and bulky

Adds to heat production in the room

17" is really only 16" of viewable space

1 year manufacturer warranty

LCD pros:

Small footprint... very little space taken up.

Very little amount of heat produced

Easier on the eyes

17" means 17" of veiwable space

3 year manufacturer warranty

LCD cons:

Max resolution of 1280x1024

High $$$

Fragile screen


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