Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Halo 2 surrenders..It is over before it even began.

First off.. I am sorry anomaly... for busting your first blog down off of the featured spot.

Before the release of Halo 2... it has been beaten, on legendary.

Mid story... I thought... this is it.. then end of the Halos--- but to give a brief description without spoiling...

There will be a Halo 3.. no doubt. The story... cuts... at a very climactic part in the story.... up pops the credits...

ARRRRRRRG! there wasn't a crazy Puma(Warthog) race against certain death either. You fight this guy... but even with now having to wait... for Halo 3...

Halo 2 has a LOT of story to it... and it is good.

I miss the assault rifle. However... dual weilding smgs is the shiznit.


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