Thursday, April 1, 2010

Phone oh Phones

I need a new phone. My wife needs a new phone. I really don't want to tie into a 2 year contract when so many new phones are coming out and especially Sprint's 4G is slated for rollout in St. Louis this year. Up to 100Mbps while moving and up to 1Gbps stationary. Seriously? Phones like the EVO 4G that will be able to record in 720p and support video voicemail. Why do we have to deal with 2 year plans. Looks like I'll be looking to prepaid services with no contract like Cricket until some of this cell network change up calms down.


  1. 4G marketing is all good and well, but realistically they can only talk about 4G access points. Supporting the transfer rates you are talking about requires a substantial capital investment and a full backbone overhaul for their network.

    This is exactly what it's working for right now, a marketing play only. Phones that support 4G and a network that can actually deliver 4G performance is mutually exclusive at this point.

  2. Settled on the Droid Incredible.