Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Metro 2033 - Initial Impressions - UPDATE 6/17

My impressions for Metro 2033 2 hours in, are very good. I am very much enjoying this game. I am feeling the same sensations I used to get while playing Thief: The Dark Project and Penumbra. Obviously the influence of the STALKER series is readily apparent. 4A Games actually has a few devs that worked on the STALKER series.

First thing that you will notice with this game is the amazing atmosphere. Sound and visuals go very far in establishing a rich and immersive environment. The voice acting is suprisingly good for a Ukranian developed game. I have encountered a few moments already where the cinematography invokes adrenaline rushes. Oh man the hallucinations! Nightmare inducing.

I am a veteran to the Survival/Horror genre. With that being said, yes there are times that I have quickly predicted how certain AI was going to react. It didn't make it any less fun. The "monster" AI is coupled with their visuals and sounds will make your skin crawl at times.

I am enjoying the weapons. They are not all real world, but they build on the premise that these were made by people living in tunnels for decades. Even to the point that pre-war bullets are used as currency.

I am looking forward to the rest of this game. It is not open sandbox like STALKER, but more story driven like Bioshock. This game is very much worth the $25 that I got it for on the last Steam sale. The length and replayability will determine if it is worth $50.

If you enjoyed the following games you will enjoy some if not all of the elements of Metro 2033:

Penumbra(series) Steam

STALKER(series) Steam

Thief(series) Steam

I'll take some screenshots and toss them in the game album

Update: If you notice your Military-Grade ammo count diminishing, hold the reload key(R) and you will switch back to dirty rounds. You may have held the reload key longer than usual.

 UPDATE 6/17 - 9 Hours in and the game is over. I am reminded of the end of Half Life, Xen.

Afterthoughts: VERY immersive. One slightly frustrating part(biospheres). It always comes down to a few questions about how a game stacks up. 1) Did I enjoy the time I spent playing it. Answer: Yes, enough that I wanted to get home from work and play it to see where it went next. 2) Is it worth the price tag. Answer: Yes, even more. I got it for $25 on sale. It is worth $50. 3) Would I recommend it to others. Answer: Yes, especially if you like the survival horror genre.

Good job 4A Games. You made a solid game and an enjoyable experience. I can't wait to see what you do next.

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