Thursday, July 22, 2010


Prototype. Where do I begin... let's start by saying it isn't a bad game. It is a game that can be fun. CAN BE fun. The other thing it can be is a very frustrating game. The frustrating part broke the fun part for me.

I found myself sighing when I realized that I thought I was closer to the end than I really was. It meant more plot to endure. It feels like badly written games like Time Crisis(YouTube example). Don't get me wrong, I did say the game was fun, well actually, parts of it were.

The games shining moments are the growing sensation of being "badass" and the scale and detail put into the game environment, a very well fleshed out New York City. The best part I was drawn to was something I kind of did on my own. In the game you can "consume" NPCs to gain their appearance and abilities. While running around the city as a soldier equipped with an M16 and the city's infection had grown pretty far I noticed that the feel of infection was well pulled off. Through sound and visuals of non-infected, partially infected, and fully infected civilians... I spent a decent amount of time imagining I was playing a different game with a different plot. A zombie survival set in a full scale NYC.

I have heard some say that they enjoyed this game. Others... well they hated it. I am a little less than both sides and I found a review on MetaCritic that sums up exactly how I feel.

PC Zone UK

The plot is a bit of nonsense and the NPCs' AI is dumber than a bag of hair, but slashing up civilians with the Claw is always amusing. [Aug 2009, p.68]

If you buy this game on sale... play it in small doses, don't expect too much, and be willing to endure some pretty damn frustrating parts. I will say it is worth $5-10 in today's market, maybe. Rating: 5 out of 10. Part of me wants to tell you not to even bother though.

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