Friday, July 30, 2010

StarCraft 2: Wings of Liberty - Initial Impressions

Utilizing a 7 hour trial of StarCraft 2 ultimately saved me $60.

Allow me to explain. I played the original and loved it. I have played SC2 for 3.5 of my 7 hours and can determine that Blizzard took an IP that worked... upgraded it to today's standards. There is nothing wrong with this. I appreciate an old friend coming back to check in on me... to have a little fun with a familiar face. I am happy that the IP wasn't revamped and destroyed in the process.

Having said that, since SC1 came out and laid a great foundation, many other RTS IPs have come out and improved upon that foundation. SC2 is nothing groundbreaking. I have to take the nostalgia factor out of this and review ths game subjectively. I respect the polish that is applied to SC2... a kind of polish Blizzard is known for, but there are so many other RTSs out there that give me a rich experience.

I'll buy the game when it hits $20 or when all three 'episodes' come out bundled together for a decent price. Until then, I will go back to my mountain of games still dying for my attention.

You should wait and buy it later... you'll still get to experience, but you don't pay $60 for it.

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