Tuesday, August 3, 2010

An Accurate Assessment

From a wise man:

For those who don't know St. Louis and East St. Louis are different cities. St. Louis is the city everyone knows about and is in MO, East St. Louis most couldn't find on a map and it is on the IL side of the river. They are seperate cities, seperate PD's, seperate govt's, and completely different. St. Louis might not be a thriving metropolis these days but compared to East St. Louis it's a friggin Utopia. For lack of a better description East St. Louis being renamed Apocalypse land would be appropriate.

Imagine and entire city that is 2/3 burned to the ground or abandoned, no jobs except liquor stores and strip clubs. Entire neighborhoods burnt to the ground, feral dog capital of America, swaps back and forth for murder capital USA with detroit, corrupt mayor, criminal police chief, virtually non existant PD, one Fire truck budgeted this year with no overtime allowed in a city where residents are famous for burning down their own homes for insurance money to escape, every industry has shut down in the city, ghettos galore, and anyone who lives in the county knows for fact the best way to get pulled over by a cop in East St. Louis is to stop at a stop sign or light after dark. After dark if you're from around here you know not to stop for anything, just do california rolls/rolling stops and gun it when it's clear. Cops take the assumption anyone stopping is doing so for drugs, hookers, or to take aim in a drive by. That town looks like it was hit by a nuke, anyone wanna test their survival skills just grab your BOB and survive 24 hours alone in East St. Louis. If you can do that you can eat zombies and apocalyptic disasters for breakfast.

Credit: mangkukhan

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