Monday, November 8, 2010

Affiliation with

UPDATE: Removed for now


   In these times with financial troubles abound for so many, I have decided to monetize Cheskitech. I picked a low impact, "two-fer" method. You will now notice in the left hand column there is a Amazon search box. This will reroute you to Amazon, but attached to the Cheskitech ID. This will not cause your prices to change, but merely causes to kick back a percentage to me.

   The second change is the addition is a Amazon aStore. Look to the top right hand corner and you will see the link titled "Store". This will all you to search and purchase from without leaving the comfort of Cheskitech. :D

  Please feel free to pass the thought of using as a stopping point before buying from to your friends and family. If you are going to buy from Amazon anyway, might as well help a family out in the process with no additional cost to you.

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