Thursday, February 17, 2011

My Journey Through a Wasteland - Fallout: New Vegas

I started Fallout: New Vegas recently. I decided to play it a little differently than most on my first run through. Difficulty Hard and Hardcore Mode on. Spiced up with turning the HUD to zero. This creates an atmosphere that screams "BE CAREFUL!" at every step. I have to pause before taking actions such as shooting someone at a distance because I don't know who it might be. I am however learning to recognize threats by uniforms or behavior. Even finding supplies become difficult.

On this journey... I have decided to journal it. Run through highlights and pitfalls that come from playing in this manner. I will write it as if I am there... experiencing it. Beware spoilers if you haven't played... I will be writing as it happens.

Day 1:

I awoke in a strange doctor's house today. I had apparently been shot in the head. Met a few townsfolk which ultimately led to me getting into a fight. The Powder Gangers are a ignorant bunch. Blue garb... that of prison wear. By the time the sun set I had killed 4 men. What a way to start a journey. I am sure I have made enemies of their faction. I got a free rifle and any gear I could carry out of the deal. Even a few Crimson Caravan credits.

Day 2:

I wandered a bit and got very thirsty very quickly. I also learned that giant scorpions hate me. I could not fight... I ran. However, the gecko death toll in my wake rises. I am heading to Primm. I need to find the trail of a man who put a bullet in my head. I am told he is nicely dressed. I will be camping under the stars tonight, semi safely contained within an abandoned trailer. It appears to have been a old radio station- Lone Wolf. Tomorrow I head closer to Primm. I found a service rifle to replace my varmint rifle. Still carrying my 9mm side arm.

Day 3:

I encountered the NCR today. Military guys. They didn't want me to enter Primm. Too bad, I do what I want. After laying waste to any blue garbed Powder Gangers, I entered a hotel with a buffalo on the sign. War was waged. After a few close calls I managed to clear the hotel and obtain extra gear. I upgraded a little but here and there, taking time to repair my weapons. A few stimpacks were needed. No major injuries. I will try to sell the rest to earns a few caps. I befriended the locals of Primm after freeing a deputy that had been taken hostage. I need rest. I will sleep in the convict free hotel tonight. I need water.

Continued in Journeys section

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