Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Charter Communications - You are Failing....

Since the beginning of April... this has been my internet connection.

Call to Customer Service - April 13th - I am seeing heavy packet loss abd have been for a good while...

Service call 1 - "We've fixed a problem in the area" Service call cancelled by Charter

Service call 2 - "Now we really have fixed the problem in the area" - Service call cancelled by Charter

Call to Customer Service - "We'll send a tech out"

Service call 3 - Technician comes out and tests the line, verifies packet loss "I'll escalate to a line tech"

Days go by....

Call to Customer Service - First tech never escalated to a line tech... I request a Charter provided modem, to replace the one that I own.

Modem received.. issues persists..

Call to Customer Service - "I am still seeing the issue..." Promises line tech will be sent

Service Call 4 - Technician wants to test the modem... I explain the history of this situation... then call Customer Service

Call to customer service - The customer service rep argues with me... "I have to send a tech out again", Escalated to Supervisor... She(Shannon) promises to follow up with me, but advises there is no way around sending a tech out to test the line, to get RF readings that the other techs never took.

Service call 5 - Technician replaces all lines from the pole to the modem, advises to call back in if there is a problem

Call to Customer Service - The issue persists... "We'll send out a line tech"

Service Call 6 - Charter sends someone to test the modem.... again. Seriously? I speak to the tech, explain the situation(again) This technician escalates to a lines tech after speaking with me.

Call to Customer Service - I haven't heard anything... so I call... Charter verifies that a line tech is scheduled

Service Call 7 - Line tech(finally) comes out. Unable to reproduce the issue(Because it is intermittent). Raises the signal from 23dB to 26dB.

Call to Customer Service - "I am still seeing the issue" We'll send a tech out, the tech confirms that they are sending a line tech not a normal tech

Call to Customer Service - (Raphael)I call to confirm that they are sending a line tech out and not normal tech, rep confirms this.

Service Call 8 - April 27th - Normal tech(Scott) arrives knowing nothing of the call history. I have my wife show him the graphs illustrating the packet loss... he agrees that I should be frustrated with this. He advises that he is calling this in to his supervisor to have a line test run over the next 72 hours to try to catch this issue.

Luckily I am a patient man who has worked in customer service and knows not to take this out on the techs. I do not raise my voice or make unreasonable requests... Charter, I feel that you are taking advantage of this.

I will update this as it develops.

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