Monday, July 11, 2011

Currently Playing

Atom Zombie Smasher  A fun Risk style back and forth between humans and zeds. I recommend playing a modded version(easy because you can create your own) before diving in on vanilla. Mod it to be weighted to your side to get the hang of it. 

Terraria - More of a temporay addiction, but fun. 2D minecraft. 

Magicka - Funny and fun. Co-Op compatible. Awesome combination of elements to make spells. 

Xenowar - For the Android platform, it is a low graphic XCOM: UFO Defense Clone. Plays quite well. Just as burtal as what inspired it. I got overconfident and wound up losing my entire team in one outing.

Fallout: New Vegas -  Post-apocalyptic survival FPS RPG. Amazing. Despite the crash to desktop bugs.

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  1. AZS - Completely agree. Don't play the game vanilla. And if you do, make sure to turn on the option that lets you choose your mercenaries, otherwise you wind up going in to a class 4 infestation with just dynamite and land mines.

    Terraria - A nice distraction for a while. I think this game would be a lot more fun in multiplayer to be honest. Would love to give that a shot sometime but it really requires a lot of time and commitment. They are still adding a lot of new stuff. The developers even said they released it in beta without half the stuff done yet because people were begging for it.

    Magicka - Great game right up to the last level where it just got stupid where ever single bad guy can one shot kill you. Probably a lot better in multiplayer.

    Fallout: New Vegas - Great game. Just started playing again because I picked up the DLC in the summer sale.