Monday, November 14, 2011

Tools that I use: Evernote

I will start to spotlight tools that I use that I feel make my life easier.

This week: Evernote

Wow, where do I start with this? Evernote is capable of so much. Between the ability to clip directly from a site and the ability to search test found within an image... so much to cover. Perhaps a bullet point list of the items I have found that Evernote is great for:

  • Scanning everything in my home filing cabinet so much that I barely need the cabinet itself anymore

  • Collecting PDF version of any manual I come across, such as garage door opener, refrigerator, etc

  • Wishlists of items for gift ideas(i collect them through the year since when I am asked what I want for Christmas or my birthday I always seem to be at a loss)

  • Sending articles from my RSS reader(GoogleReader) into notes that I can read later, or wish to keep

  • Recipes - a cookbook of sorts

  • Digital copies of business cards - no longer do they accumulate on my desk!

  • Links to Mods I want to try for specific video games

  • Quick pictures of receipts form purchases - again no more clutter

  • Web clips from online orders, thus all numbers and links are saved for returns or review

  • Picture of the contents of my wallet(sans Credit Cards) - insurance card(front and back) for example

  • Photo inventory of items that you own for insurance purposes(focusing on serial numbers)

  • Keeping a log of paper work and details for work done to my vehicle

  • Keeping a log of paper work and details for work done to my home

  • Single place for idea collaboration with my wife on projects, such as building the new office - Photo and link rich

This list is always growing and evolving. Evernote is well worth the small cost. Try the free account here, and consider paying for premium.

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