Saturday, November 19, 2011

Tools that I Use: GoogleAuthenticator

This week: Google Authenticator is available for both android and iphone. It turns your smartphone into a key fob, allowing for you to use 2 factor authentication to get into a variety of applications.

Applications that support it will provide a QR code, which you then scan with Google Authenticator just as you would any barcode, and the application's QR code that you scanned is now linked to Google Authenticator. A new 6 digit PIN every 30 seconds for each account linked.

Be sure to read up on each individual application's method to disable 2 factor authentication or how to use a functional failsafe just in case you lose your phone or it is destroyed by a toddler.

I currently use it for my multiple Gmail accounts and LastPass.

Google Authenticator has made securing my Gmail accounts easy.

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