Friday, December 30, 2011

Tools that I use - Wunderlist

This week: Wunderlist

Berlin based creator, 6Wunderkinder, has created a light weight, visually appealing, and accessible task list utility. Finally, all of my to do lists no matter where I am. Windows PC at home, MacBook Pro at work, Android device at the store, iPad on my back patio, or even my web browser.
You have the ability to set dates and priority flags, but not times. This is not a calender app. The only thing truly missing is nested groups, but that should be coming out as a feature to Wunderkit.
Highly recommended list tracker. It has radically changed how my wife and I keep track of our grocery shopping list, our house maintenance to do list, and my task list of things to do at work(always growing).
Best of all... it's free.

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