Monday, March 26, 2012

Deus Ex: Human Revolution

After giving up on Hard Reset, I was still craving the futuristic cyberpunk type genre. Having been a fan of the acclaimed Deus Ex and even the often frowned upon Deus Ex: Invisible War, I start into Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

Let me begin by saying the DE: HR is everything that Hard Reset isn't. I will stop with the comparison there.

I was pleased with the immersion factor of the world created by Square Enix. They nailed it. The very public struggle of those that want to augment their bodies with  upgraded parts and those that fight to keep humanity pure. Human versus Human+. I, being one who already day dreams of augmentations, found taking the side of Human+ very easy. This ease slowly faded throughout the game as more story elements presented themselves.

I have finished my play through(15 hours played) and I am very happy with the game. I think it is deserving of the $30 price point.

The visuals are good and the overall thought behind the atmosphere is well done. DE: HR has the finished feel, but once is a blue moon I would catch something that escaped final polish. These moments did not detract from the experience,however. The higher end augmentations have cool animations.

Audio is well done also. Voice acting, which is an easy place to go wrong, is sound(pun intended). Music was reminiscent of Mass Effect, but not in a bad way. Sound effects helped to flesh out the world

Game play is challenging with a nice return to the occasional boss fight and puzzle to solve. I do wish that the map system worked a little better. I occasionally found myself wandering around trying to find a way into an apartment building(more than I should have needed to).

Deus Ex: Human Revolution is worth the buy and worth the experience. While by the end I did have a few new thoughts to consider about augmentations, I would, in the end, still upgrade a few parts if given the chance(I'm looking at you heart... single point of failure bastard you).

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