Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Hard Reset - Updated!

Craving a FPS and having a decent backlog... I installed Hard Reset. I had heard quite a few good things from the PC Gamer staff since the release.

An hour in, roughly 15% of the way through according to Howlongtobeat.com, and I am already starting to feel the repetition. So far that is my only complaint though and it mainly relates to the enemies.

The visuals and ambience is very much that of Bladerunner, which I am enjoying. Your interaction with terminals is immersing. The voice acting is marginal at best.
I'll update on what price point I can recommend for the game after I get more of it under my belt.

UPDATE: I can sum this game up in one sentence. "Wave after wave of repetitive bad guys in awesome looking environments."

You can safely ignore this game. I feel the the design staff responsible for the story, really let the engineers who built the world down big time. Hard Reset... More like Easy Ignore.

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