Sunday, April 22, 2012

Diablo III - Beta

Where to begin... Diablo III has been a much anticipated release for years. Blizzard has taken their time to make it true to the previous titles. The polish level is high, as we have come to expect.

I started my Beta experience as a Demon Hunter and as you can see, I am Forever Alone. No friends. This I hope, changes and lends to the hours of fun I can foresee running Co-Op through the multitude of dungeon levels that is Diablo III.

You will find familiar music, voices, characters, as well as lore from Diablo 1 and Diablo 2. This makes it easy to fall right back in. You can tell that Diablo III builds on lessons learned from World of Warcraft. Even the login screen is very similar.  This trend continues throughout your experience. Art style is the most obvious similarity. At times I felt as though I was playing a modernized and gloom filled WoW dungeon in isometric viewing. This is not a bad thing. I am quite enjoying myself.

You will notice in the screenshot that you have a quest... Kill X number of Y and report back. Yet another similarity to WoW. See the chat menu in the bottom left? Diablo III is, to be blunt, Diablo lore fused with WoW and placed on a modern engine. Once again... this is NOT a bad thing. The time that I was playing zipped by quickly. I was having fun. I look forward to playing this with friends.

I will be playing until the Beta closes its doors. I will continue to toss screenshots into the slideshow below.

All in all, I am excited to play and I am happy that this game is finally being released.

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