Wednesday, April 11, 2012

SPAZ - Space Pirates and Zombies

I finally started playing Space Pirates and Zombies, SPAZ.

I had meant to get around to it earlier, but you know how it is... backlog and all.

The game has some scale too it and will suck hours of your life. At least you'll have fun doing it. The $10 price tag more than fair. I would be happy with $15(or more)

Before the main menu, you are greeted with a message from MinMax games, which is a 2 person shop. Thanking you for buying. After 6 hours in, I agree that you should buy this game.

The audio in this game is cracking me up.The background chatter is filled with humor. A nice change of pace to encounter a game that is both fun, pretty, and doesn't take itself too seriously(don't let that put you off)

I mentioned scale a bit ago, this image will say it all. Each numbered dot, is a whole system.

Ship customization is fun and you look forward to building your ships to your liking. Even down to orientation of armor and weapons. The there is more going on with the game environment than the top down view will lead you to believe. If you are beating down on a no good bounty hunter and you get too close when their ships reactor core goes critical, you will take damage. I learned this when I was being... no good and took on a civilian star base. BOOM! I cheered... then BOOM! I cried. 

Here is a screenshot slideshow. I will continue to update it as I play. You can also head over to the picture section using the navigation bar at the top of the page to see this and other galleries.

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