Thursday, May 10, 2012


Product Review: FitBit Ultra

As I mentioned earlier, getting shape has really become important to me. FitBit is helping me do this. The product itself keeps track of how many steps I take during the day as well as how many flights of stairs I've climbed, making it easy to see how active I have been. It also shows me how inactive I have been. Seeing lows numbers can really motivate you.

The FitBit Ultra is more than just a little device that clips on my waist band and tags along all day... it is a suite of tools. The FitBit website ties into the MyFitness Pal database and helps keep caloric intake and expenditure as accurate as possible. You can also tie it to Endomondo, which is great for tracking data on hikes, runs, or any other movement based workout.

I am a bit of a data whore. I love seeing graphs and charts showing my progress. My FitBit dashboard give me this. I can see how many steps I've takem, like I previously mentioned, but I can also see how well I am sleeping. You can put it in sleep tracking mode by holding the button down until the stop watch starts. The wrist band it comes with is a bit of a joke to be blunt. I ended up changing the settings to "sensitive", in regards to movement while in sleep tracking mode and I just clip it to my boxer's waistband. As you can see on April 25th, I slept VERY poorly. This is accurate.

Sad news is, that the FitBit Ultra is not water proof, nor can it talk to my Smartphone.

Good news is, I am willing to look past both of these decisions due to very good battery life and ease of use.

I am hoping FitBit and SlimKicker integrate. They are ripe for pairing. They both have achievements and could feed off of each other well.

Wishes for the device/system would be...

  • Allow more than one base station or sync to my phone
  • Waterproof
  • Lower price point
  • Rubberized inside surface(for better gripping)
Don't let my wish list fool you, I am enjoying the FitBit Ultra a good deal. I give it a healthy Cheskitech approval.

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