Tuesday, May 8, 2012

SlimKicker - Level Up Your Body

Being healthy and staying in shape has become very important to me.Watching what I put into my body and how well I keep my body tuned is also important, but it is also very boring. This is where SlimKicker comes in.

SlimKicker taps into our drive to achieve and to be rewarded. The last word is the most important.  Reward yourself for being healthy and for completing challenges, which in turn "levels up your body". Losing weight is great and is the most common reason people start "getting in shape". It is also hard. Giving up your favorite foods... getting your butt off of the couch... gets harder and harder if you don't see results right away. Rewarding yourself for doing well on challenges, e.g. Giving up Soda for 7 days, and getting to see your progress as you go, makes it easy. Those bite size chunks of achievement make this work.

I have rewarded myself with a wireless set of gaming headphones. I have put money towards tinting the windows in my Scion tC. Now that I have gotten to Level 6, I feel great. I have't had soda in 60+ days. I feel great. I repeat that because I do. I am past the hump at which so many fail.

Thanks SlimKicker for taking something I love, gaming and achievements, and coupling it to what I need to do.

You can find the iPhone app in the AppStore, but not an Android app just yet in GooglePlay. I hear they are working on it. The website is always getting updated. While being a relatively new site, they are making progress quickly. You can see my Dashboard view to the left. It is your one stop shop to Level Up Your Body. The community is growing rapidly as well.

I hope to see integration with my FitBit someday, but I'll understand if that takes a little more time. Try it out. It works.

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