Monday, June 11, 2012

Sniper Elite V2

Sniper Elite V2 is a followup to Sniper Elite. I enjoyed both of these titles very much. I was saddened when I discovered the original doesn't run under Windows 7 64 bit. Sniper Elite V2 runs great and I didn't encounter a single bug.

Offering realistic bullet ballistics and windage, Sniper Elite V2 will satisfy any craving you might have to be play in a World War II environment as a bad ass extreme sniper.

The game world is a little washed out and the graphics aren't going to make you cry with awestruck wonder, but they get the job done. The original wasn't amazing looking either. The player models appear to have gotten more attention than the world's textures did. Lighting works well, whether is be from fires, lightning or muzzle flash. Graphically what will get your attention is the death cam. The camera will follow the bullet's trajectory on a well places shot. Taking you through a slow motion X-Ray view of your targets very painful death.

I played through on the difficulty setting of "Sniper Elite". The description was accurate, that the ballistics are realistic and the enemies are tough. You will die a fair amount. Sometimes it will be a "saw that coming" death, yet other times(at this difficulty) it will be a solid "oops I wandered into a 3 enemy sniper controlled insta-death-killzone". The latter will drive you nuts for one reason alone. Not because you dies, but because there is a checkpoint system, not a save when I want system. I have said it before and I'll say it again. Let me save when I want, or at the very least balance your checkpoints out. I loathe playing through a difficult part(8+ minutes) over and over due to dying five feet from a check point because the level designer failed to understand the flow of the game. The checkpoint system if my only complaint.

The game is a fairly standard 10-15 hour run, depending on your play style. There is a multiplayer and cooperative mode, which I have not tried yet. I would like to however.

If you are craving a sniper-centric shooter, this is a great choice. A very very bad choice would be Sniper Ghost Warrior. I would recommend picking up Sniper Elite V2 when it hits ~$30. I jumped on it for $37 as this is one of my favorite genres.

Below is a slideshow of pictures I took while playing.

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