Tuesday, July 3, 2012


The experience in LIMBO is artistically brutal and brutally artistic.

The most obvious part of LIMBO that will jump out at you are the visuals. Shades of grey and a story told with silhouettes.

You are immediately made to feel vulnerable, as you play a little boy in a world filled with death. Everything is set with trap, or precariously established structure.

You will learn through trial and error as you gain your "LIMBO sea legs". As brutal as LIMBO is, it does a fantastic job at making itself accessible. If you find yourself stuck at a puzzle, you will slap your forehead when you figure it out, wondering how you didn't figure that out sooner.

LIMBO's audio shouldn't be ignored as a touching point. Crisp and established. The first time the little boy that you control meets his first untimely demise, you will feel it. The music is subtle yet emotionally stirring when it needs to be.

LIMBO is a wonderfully fresh experience and change of pace. The price of $10 is well worth it if you enjoy this type of experience. It goes on sale from time to time at $5. Buy this game.

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