Friday, July 13, 2012

The Walking Dead - Episode 1

I have been following The Walking Dead(wiki) as an IP for a long while now. I remember the excitement of the graphic  novel. I remember the relief when the show did not disappoint.

I am pleasantly surprised at how good this game is. Having heard great reviews from a few sources I trust and often agree with, PCGamer (Evan Lahti)and Gamers with Jobs, I had high hopes. I was not let no down.

I think that TellTale had ushered in a new form of interactive story telling with this series. It could be applied to so many IPs. I haven't genuinely cared about characters in a long time(in a game). The Walking Dead(GMG) will let you know subtly that your choices have been noted by characters. This gives you an immediate sensation of dread if you made a poor choice, or a happiness on a good choice. I don't think you can "save and reload". Your choices are yours to keep and you often make them quickly. Much more real world.

The Walking Dead kept the graphic novel visuals. This was a smart move in my mind, due to the familiarity to those who have read them. The addition of color is a nice touch.

The environments do not feel artificially closed off. The clever use of camera angles line you up to where you should be focusing on.

You play as Lee. A man that is in the process of paying for things he has done wrong, when the world flips upside down. Aside from being a completely clumsy character, in the sense that he tends to fall down a lot, he is a nice change on the role of protagonist.

I am about an hour into Episode 1 and I am already excited for where this story is going. The controls take a little getting used to if you are using a mouse and keyboard, but that feeling disappears quickly.

This is definitely a buy title. I recommend The Walking Dead.

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