Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Trip to the Range- Hard Drive Destruction

I took off a few days to enjoy my birthday. I planned a few hours at the range. I was not disappointed with the results.

I definitely DID enjoy myself.

Several hard drives needed to be properly disposed of. The penetration deep of my Mosin Nagant needed to be tested as well. The force that 7.62x54R 181gr round put out is shocking.

I think I might try steel core ammo next time to see how far it makes it through.

Below is a small timeline of the "testing"

I started by taping the drives together.
The lead core FMJ round did damage to 5 of the 7 drives.
Drive 1

Drive 2

Drive 3, took the most damage

Drive 4, MASSIVE dent. the platters vaporized.

Drive 5, hard to see in the picture but there was a good deformation.

Still a good amount of mass left in the recovered bullet

Another shot of Drive 3, fromt he back this time
An unrelated test, nice clean holes through the platters

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