Monday, October 15, 2012

Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light

Looking for a new title to play co-op with my smart ass friend Sanchez,  we started Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light(LCGoL), after the much needed patching to remove the local co-op only limitation.

We played LCGoL co-op only over three play sessions lasting ~8 hours. We didn't touch single player.  We didn't have any technical problems until that last session.  Sanchez got a Steam Sync issue and his save game was corrupt… 3 levels from the end. Luckily I was able to zip up my save game and email it to him so that we could continue. 

Gameplay is fun and increases in difficulty as you progress. Puzzles are only mildly challenging. A good use of team work is needed. We found it far quicker to roll/dodge over and over to get around the levels. In addition to being quicker, it is hilarious. We felt like "World Class Tumblers". 

The end game is a 10-20 minute multiphase boss fight.  If you dislike boss fights, skip this game. The end isn't worth it.

Overall, it was wroth the ~$5 and ~8 hours spent. I hope the  technical issues were a fluke. Corrupting save game files is something I have ZERO tolerance for. I could rant for an hour on how bad this is for a gamer and how much attention a developer should give to ensure it never happens.

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