Thursday, October 11, 2012


Looking for more "Portal-esque" goodness? Want to suffer from the occasional bout of vertigo? Then do I have the game for you!

QUBE: Quick Understanding of Block Extrusion

Clean and crisp graphics, challenging but not impossible puzzles, and low cost.

Roughly lasting 3-4 hours of game time, unless you're daft. You'll get the $15 worth(full price) out of this title. Or if you like cheap, put it on your wishlist and pick it up on sale(as I did).

The only bad thing I can say about QUBE, is that there are two puzzles are hard. Hard as in "go where I want you to dammit", not "I can't figure this out". Sans those two puzzles, QUBE is fun.

As usual, my screenshot gallery show my entire progress as it happened/happens. Possible story spoilers.

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