Thursday, October 4, 2012

Saints Row: The Third

Where do I begin? Saints Row: The Third is huge in scale, content, and fun.

I didn't expect to enjoy this sort of game as I viewed it as amazingly juvenile and just another GTA Clone. While the being similar to GTA and containing a lot of juvenile content, I certainly did enjoy this game.

Proper enjoyment of Saints Row: The Third requires that you take it no more seriously than the developers did. I refer to the spirit of what it is, not the quality. Saints Row: The Third is very polished. Amazingly so in fact. I didn't have a single issue with game performance whatsoever. This sets the stage for a great adventure.

Saints Row: The Third, from the start shows you how over the top it is. Bank heist while wearing a bobblehead costume? Check. Skydiving through the fuselage of a plummeting plane? Check. The awesomeness just keeps on coming. In the span of a few game sessions, I did the following:

  • Parachuted onto a skyscraper, crashing a party.
  • Took over said skyscraper
  • Mugged a man wearing a green bunny suit
  • Provided sniper overwatch while hanging from a helicopter
  • Purchased an automotive store called Rim Jobs
  • Drove a tank and caused a certain dollar amount of mayhem
  • Starred in a crazy Japanese style game show
  • Went streaking
  • Base jumped while naked
  • Drove an ATV while I was on fire
  • Met a giant Hulk like Russian genius
  • Car surfed
  • Rode in a two wheeled buggy that was pulled by a man wearing a saddle and nipple clamps
  • Killed zombies
  • Beat a gang member to death with a 4 foot long, baseball bat handled, purple dildo
And so much more!

Saints Row: The Third is something I wish I would have started playing sooner. Don't take is too seriously, let loose, and have a great time. Don't let your kids play ;) If you are still hesitant, but it on sale. I paid little for this and would have been happy had I spent the full $40.

More screenshots can be found here

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