Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Max Payne 3

Max Payne 3 is exactly what is should be. Intriguing and dark.

As a veteran of the Max Payne franchise(1 and 2), I expected a lot in this next installment and I was not let down.

Graphically speaking, Max Payne 3 is beautiful. Detailed player models and animations start your immersive descent into Max's world and the richly built environments push you even deeper.

As a detective noir graphic novel/game, true to its heritage, Max Payne 3 uses Max's voice and story telling to bring this title home. With a twisting plot, epic gun battles, and a old fat bald guy, you will enjoy 99% of Max Payne 3.

Playing on the normal difficulty setting, I ran into a few moments that stuck me in the die, reload, die quickly, reload, die quickly loop. Just as rarely, the check point save system went just a little too far back. With that being said, I absolutely loved Max Payne 3.

You follow Max on current story lines and flashbacks that all include feeling like a badass mother fucker. There will be moments where you will slaughter an entire assaulting force while being lifted up 20 feet in slow motion or slam through a glass wall dispatching your foes, and those types of moments are not sparse.

Max has really bad luck, but luckily he has a sense of humor, as does the writing. I found myself chuckling at the dry humor and fun poking Max and Passos share.

I straight up stole this game for $15 on the Autumn Steam sale. I would have been damn happy paying full price. Max Payne 3 is exactly what a AAA title should be. Around 10 hours to complete and worth every damn penny. Buy this game.

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  1. The check point save system max payne 3 trainer went just a little too far back. With that being said, I absolutely loved Max Payne 3.