Sunday, December 30, 2012


Deadlight is a post apocalyptic 2D/3D hybrid zombie story set in the 1980s and is a mixed bag as far as experiences go.

Visually, I found Deadlight to be a nice change of pace and most of the environments are very well done. There is a lot to appreciate here.

Ambiance is well established through said visuals and this continues throughout the experience. Lighting is solid and effects are fitting.

Audio is well done save for the voice overs which aren't bad, but certainly aren't great. The voice overs, however, aren't too distracting.

The main story is told through drawings that feel very similar to The Walking Dead graphic novels. Even some of the characters feel like they belong.

Unfortunately, the Deadlight story is much weaker and this becomes increasingly evident as the game progresses. The plot isn't horrible... it is just weak. The visual delivery of this story is the only memorable part. 
Most of the levels are appropriately challenging while others are ridiculous and I have absolutely no idea why they are even present in this story. I am referring mainly to the sewer levels.

I recommend playing with a Xbox 360 controller as the mouse/keyboard controls are clunky at best.

I wouldn't recommend picking this up unless it is on a bargain sale of ~$3-4.

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