Sunday, December 30, 2012


Dishonored is one part Thief, one part Bioshock, and one Hitman.

Cleverly combining "powers", stealth, and assassinations with an intriguing storyline, Dishonored in a word is fun. Around 15 hours of fun.

Being a fan of the aforementioned sum of its parts, I highly anticipated Dishonored.

Early on, you are thrust into a dramatic plot event, which shapes the life of your avatar, Corvo. You quickly transform from Regent Protector to Assassin in an effort to clear your name and rescue the heir to the throne. This is your mission. Uncovering devious schemes and ridding the city of Dunwall of filth along the way. I was hooked from the opening dramatic scenes.

Visuals are compelling and a little stylized. Shaping a steam punk society, much like Thief, the world artists pull you in from the onset. I do wish that the textures were a higher resolution as they, despite being stylized, are washed out and flat.

Audio is good and the voice overs are as well. Environmental sounds, such as rats scurrying or water dripping, or even voices over a P.A. system helped to keep you immersed. If you have played the Thief franchise, you'll notice some throw backs. Some of the guards call each other names. Sure they don't actually say "taffer" but it feels the same.

All things said, if you are longing for a spiritual successor to Thief, you will not be disappointed. There are plenty of achievements to earn and plenty of choices to make. Any price under $30 and you will be getting a great deal. If you pay full price, it will still be worth the money.

As always, the slideshow below may contain spoilers, but there are usually some good shots in there. A few might even be wallpaper worthy.

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