Monday, February 11, 2013

A Game from Each Genre - UPDATED

I need your help. I need your suggestions. I am conducting an experiment.

After watching my wife spend loads of time, to the point of addiction, on a few silly Android games. Candy Crush Saga as a prime example, I need to revisit her introduction to gaming. The desire is there, but it has never latched on.

I'm not shooting for that fight you hear time and time again, "How do I get my wife/girlfriend into gaming?". I am convinced a gamer is already looking to claw its way out. The proper catalyst is all that is needed. I need your help.

"The Wife", has graciously agreed to consent to this experiment of mine. It is as such: One hour spent on each game of my recommendation in any genre I see fit to send her into. We are confined to the PC, but Steam Big Picture already has a place in our living room.

My thoughts so far:

Mass Effect

Borderlands 2(she does like Halo)


Adventure - Drama
The Walking Dead(might be a hard sell)

Adventure - Action
Half Life 2

Open World/Action
Saints Row: The Third*

Portal or Portal 2

Plants vs Zombies

Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit*

The Cave


World Builder/Sim

Do you think my decisions thus far are a good representation of each what each genre has to offer? What would you suggest? What genres do you think must be touched on?

*Added in last update

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