Monday, March 25, 2013

Singularity (2010)

Approaching 3 years ago, Singularity came out, promising unique game play based around time manipulation.  While it did deliver on this as a core game mechanic, the story itself was on the weak side. As a survival horror and a shooter, Singularity didn't offer either in any real measurable amount.

The general feel that I had during the game was that a story was built around a version of the Half Life 2 Gravity Gun after it had been altered. This made for fun game engine play at times, but not fun game play.

The weapons are weak sauce, except for the TMD(Time Manipulation Device), which unfortunately is tied to energy packs as an ammo type. Much like Half Life 2 did at the end with the souped up Gravity Gun, you get an extra awesome version of the TMD, that runs off of infinite power.

Singularity is an entertaining enough title to pull out of the gaming backlog, knowing that I didn't pay more than $15 for it. The PC version is still asking $30 while I write this(too much), but if you are a console gamer, you can get it on XBOX 360 or PS3 for around $15.

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