Tuesday, April 2, 2013

BioShock Infinite

You have more than likely heard all of the other reviews and watched other videos that are telling you that BioShock Infinite is an amazing game.

Those reviews are in a word: accurate.

It has been years since I felt immersed in a story enough to walk along a beach in game then take a break only to be surprised that there is snow outside my door. Years since I felt actual worry for the safety of a character in a story, and to feel relief when they are okay.

The combat feels accurate for the universe of BioShock. There are "vigors" which are "plasmids" for another place and time. You will find your favorite weapon. You will find your favorite vigor. You will be pulled in. 

Elizabeth will intrigue you and Columbia will immerse you, just take the time... to smell the roses and the let experience wash over you. Look up and look around, you will see propaganda that make you feel like you are being forced to believe. You will have choices that at times are the only action. You will experience Booker DeWitt. You will feel his torment and you will ask why, when you know the source of his pain.

Enjoy each moment and experience what is to offer. Listen to Voxaphones and watch Kinetoscopes, just be.

Take it all in and enjoy a beautifully crafted world that has a story to go with it.

System Shock 2 finally has a emotional successor in my mind. Ken Levine, you and your team have done well. Very well indeed.

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