Sunday, April 14, 2013

Evoland - Reviewed

Due to a gracious friend I am able to review Evoland much quicker than anticipated. Thanks JP.

Evoland is a clever journey through RPG technology/mechanics and full of throwbacks to many inspirational titles, such as The Legend of Zelda, Final Fantasy, and Dragon Quest. 

Traveling from 8-bit graphics and 2D movement up through HD graphics and 3D environments. You will experience what each generation improved. Up to and including simulated CD load times, which you can alleviate by buying a "faster drive". Like I said... clever.

Lasting roughly 4 hours and providing a handful of grins, I enjoyed Evoland. I was able to chuckle a little here and there. A few puzzles blocked my way but didn't force me to run over to YouTube for a hint. It will be fun to send my young son through this title when he is ready. A sort of history lesson for the wee pup.

There are a few minor gripes, most of which I recall being gripes when that particular technology/mechanic was commonplace. Random encounters became annoying after awhile. Sometimes occurring when I only had 5 steps from point A to point B. New "skills" don't come around until much too late. I would have liked to see this fleshed out a bit with exploring a game mechanic that was left out all together... spending skill points. 

All in all... the good and the gripes... Evoland is worth $5 if you don't care much for nostalgia and $8 if you do. This would have been a stellar choice for tablets as well.

(As always, the screen captures I share, were taken while I played, so there may be spoilers within)

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