Monday, May 20, 2013

Cry of Fear

Cry of Fear is psychological thriller and survival title following the protagonist, Simon, as he descends into madness. Your world will unravel before you. This is terrifying.

mod on the Half Life 1 engine that leans on jump scares, horrific imagery, and nightmarish audio may have you asking yourself why you push forward.While this is a free mod, you may incur the cost of buying new underwear...

I don't startle easily, but this title did it. Multiple times actually. I made it around 2 hours in before I needed to take a mental break. If you can't get that far, you can remove yourself from some of the intensity by watching a Let's Play with theRadBrad. I enjoyed his adlib, but if you don't like color commentary,I'm sure there are other playthroughs.

If you find yourself getting stuck, as I did in a few spots(apartment building), slow down and think.

Bring me my brown pants!

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