Wednesday, June 12, 2013

In Search of a Stylus

As an avid user of my Nexus 7, I have been searching for a stylus that meets my needs and doesn't cost an exorbitant amount of money. I have tried many "rubber" tipped versions and a few that utilize a flat plastic "guide" on the contact surface. All of these have fallen short of usability expectations.

When I came across the New Trent Arcadia mesh tipped stylus I was was intrigued. I was amazed that the product came in a two pack for such a low cost. I quickly ordered the pack and anxiously awaited delivery.

Upon arrival, I knew that I had happened onto exactly what I was looking for, a functional stylus. No more dealing with a rubber tip that grips too much or a plastic guide that doesn't align with my grip angle.

The mesh tip of the Arcadia stylus is what really sets it apart from the pack. A metallic wire mesh with a protective coating allows for great control and a liberating gliding stroke. The mesh tip glides across the surface of your tablet/phone without scratching or getting hung up along the way if your angle is too sharp. Even if you do angle far too much, New Trent has you covered there as well, with a protective tip on the stylus shaft. New Trent seems to have thought of everything.

As a bonus, the mesh tip is retractable! I know that the tip will be protected and it won't accumulate debris.

This stylus has allowed me to use my tablet in place of my Moleskin journal and a pen. It has allowed me to bridge this gap. It has changed the way I use my tablet for the better.

Materials and Construction

Design and Forethought


I would highly recommend this stylus to anyone with a tablet that doesn't want to spend $50+ on a stylus.

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