Monday, July 8, 2013

Final Frontier - A First Person FTL Experience

Final Frontier is a FTL inspired gamemode being developed for Garry's Mod by James King and Jonathan Morell, as a prototype for an independent title. I have spent many hours in FTL. The mod support, up until recently, was quite good. I assume that will improve as modders adjust to the code re-write that took place.

In a uniquely British way, James and Jonathan introduce you to their concept. 

After getting a tour, I wanted to see more about the ships systems.
You can see a bit more here in the video below.

I would suggest checking out their YouTube channel and looking through the playlist. If you like FTL, I think you'd like at the least the idea of playing this with a group of friends. The prototype is evolving and I look forward to see where it is going.

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