Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Nymi by Bionym - Authentication for the future

Bionym has a great idea. Tying your authentication needs to something that is not readily accessible to everyone: your heartbeat. Touted as being as unique as your fingerprint, but not left behind everytime you touch something.

From the Bionym site:
The Nymi is the first wearable authentication technology that allows you to take control of your identity through cardiac rhythm recognition. Authenticate once and remain authenticated until the wristband is removed. Move beyond passwords, pins and locks and interact with the technology that fills your daily life with proximity detection and task-based gesture control. The Nymi presents a new and exciting system that grants you access for being you!
Combining bluetooth connection and this authentication process, I can see many opportunities coming into play. Imagine never needing keys to start your car or unlocks the doors for that matter. The same with your house, computer, Evernote and Twitter accounts... anywhere any form of authentication is needed. This could also allow for an added layer of device unlocking... leaving that 4 digit PIN way behind. I already enjoy this as a feature of my Pebble Smartwatch. It authenticates against my phone and I don't need a PIN while they are connected via Bluetooth.

Going forward I could see this tech being applied to a small implantable chip that rests in your hand, something that I have been predicting for years. 

Now, the problem I see...

How long until someone learns how to fool the device my mimicking your heart signature or gains access to things by finding a way to clone your device and have it use a different heart signature? If Bionym has this issue solved or ensure it is preventable... the are really onto something.

I'll be keeping an eye on you Bionym... and your Nymi.

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